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The Story Behind Our New Cable-Knit Sweaters

Today, I'm excited to dive into the inspiration behind our latest cable-knit sweaters featured in our Fall/Winter collection. We've crafted these beauties in three timeless colors: a pristine off-white, a rich hunter green, and a classic navy. These cable-knit wonders aren't your typical heavy, chunky sweaters – we've designed them in a lightweight cotton, making them effortlessly comfortable on the skin and versatile for layering.

One of the standout features of our cable-knit sweaters is their adaptability. Unlike traditional cable-knit sweaters that are often too bulky to pair with tailored jackets, ours are intentionally lightweight, allowing you to seamlessly integrate them into your more formal looks. Picture this – a sophisticated piece of tailoring paired with the texture and warmth of a cable-knit sweater. It's a combination we deliberately curated for the modern man who values both style and practicality.

Let's rewind to 2018 when I ventured to Ireland and attended a trade show that left a lasting impression, particularly in a place called the Aran Islands. The traditional Aran sweaters I encountered there became the muse for our cable-knit collection. These sweaters were more than just garments; they were a testament to a rich cultural history. The women of the Aran Islands would intricately knit unique designs into the sweaters, each pattern serving as a familial identifier for the fishermen.

The story goes that, in the unfortunate event of a shipwreck or loss at sea, the distinct pattern on the sweater would help identify the fisherman's family. It's a poignant and somewhat morbid history, but it resulted in the creation of these exceptionally beautiful sweaters. While the originals were crafted in wool, we've chosen to reimagine them in a breathable cotton, maintaining the spirit of tradition with a contemporary twist.

Now, these cable-knit wonders are available made to order. You can try on different sizes, explore the array of colors, and place you order online or with us in studio. With Christmas just around the corner, these sweaters make for fantastic gifts – each priced at $250, offering an incredible value for the intricate detailing and craftsmanship.

If you're eager to experience the comfort and style of our cable-knit sweaters firsthand, reach out to book an appointment. Try on these modern classics, discover your favorite, and embrace the tradition of the Aran Islands with a contemporary twist. 


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