"I believe that in some small way, beautiful design, responsible craftsmanship, and impeccable service can change the world for the better."

- Jonathan Cavaliere

Our goal is simple: to guide men through the sartorial jungle by creating custom clothing that not only fits great, but is designed to suit their life.

Our garments are supple and softly constructed, which furnishes our clients with both comfort when wearing and versatility when pairing. We’ve also scoured the world’s fashion centres, looking for the finest mills and sustainable manufacturing partners. The result? Outstanding quality at an exceptional value.

We firmly believe our garments can enhance the way you feel both internally and externally. It is something we strive to deliver every time we create a piece of clothing.

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Meet Our Founder

Jonathan Cavaliere

“My love for menswear started when I was eight years old. My family and I were invited to a relative’s wedding, so my mother had inquired with my aunt about a hand-me-down suit from one of my cousins. I vividly remember putting on the pants and the shirt, and having my mother tie my tie. As we headed out the door, I threw on the jacket and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. For the first time in my life, I felt like a man. As I walked outside, my sister uncharacteristically opened the car door for me, saying “Mr. President.” I laughed, jumped in, and slid over to the passenger side, only to jump out at our destination while repeating her gesture, saying “Miss President.” As ordinary of a moment as it may have seemed to my parents and sister, I became unconsciously infatuated with that feeling. For the first time in my life I truly felt important.

I learnt two important lessons that day: one, that dressing well can change the way people perceive you; and two, always look the part

I started Mr. Cavaliere because I wanted to share that feeling. The suits we make today may look very different than the one my cousin graciously donated to me, but I still get that same buzz every time I put one on. Our custom menswear can change the way you think about clothes and shape the world around you. We can’t wait to show you how.”

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