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How To Choose The Right Chest Pocket For A Suit Jacket

Today Jonathan walks you through 3 different chest pocket options that you will find when shopping or designing a custom suit, sports jacket, or blazer as well as which one is right for you!

1. Diagonal Chest Pocket:

  • This is the most common chest pocket style you'll find, often seen in off-the-rack suits.
  • It features a diagonal line on the chest, creating a slight visual upward movement towards the shoulder.
  • This option is versatile and can work for various occasions.
  • It's a flattering choice due to the diagonal line.
2. Barchetta (Boat-Shaped) Chest Pocket:
  • The Barchetta pocket is boat-shaped, slightly rounding towards the chest.
  • It's an elegant and shapely choice, often associated with Neapolitan tailoring.
  • Best for those with prominent chests, as it complements the natural chest shape.
  • Adds a touch of sophistication to your jacket.
3. Patch Chest Pocket:
  • The patch chest pocket is the most casual option.
  • It's an actual patch of fabric sewn onto the chest, often tilted slightly for a rounded appearance.
  • Great for a relaxed, informal look.
  • Ideal for those who don't intend to use it for a pocket square but might carry sunglasses or small items.
4. Final Thoughts:
  • The diagonal and Barchetta chest pockets are generally dressier options suitable for various events.
  • The patch chest pocket offers a more casual vibe and is perfect for laid-back occasions.
  • Consider your body type and the formality of the event when choosing a chest pocket style.
  • Personal preference plays a role; choose the one that resonates with your style.
Each chest pocket style has its unique charm and purpose, allowing you to tailor your jacket to your preferred look and function. Whether you prefer the classic diagonal, the shapely Barchetta, or the laid-back patch pocket, understanding these options will help you make the right choice for your next suit or sports jacket. Thanks for tuning in!


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