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Sugeon's Cuffs, Cocktail Cuffs, and Sleeve Buttons. Which One Is Right For Your Suit?

Today I walk you through everything you need to know about sleeve cuffs on your suit jacket. I also show you three different cuff configurations as well as give some advice on which may be best for you!

1. Surgeon Cuff:

  • The surgeon cuff is the most common and recognizable style.
  • It features four buttons on the sleeve, with all four often overlapping (kissing buttons).
  • Originally, surgeons used this feature to roll up their sleeves during surgery without taking off their jackets.
  • Today, it's a hallmark of custom tailoring, signifying a tailored or bespoke suit.
  • This is a versatile option suitable for business or formal wear.

2. Single Button Cuff:

  • The single-button cuff is a middle-ground choice.
  • It has a single functional button on the sleeve.
  • It works well for both formal and casual situations.
  • Often used in traditional tuxedos, it adds a touch of elegance.
  • Suitable for corduroy or cotton suits when you want a bit of flair.

3. Cocktail Cuff:

  • The cocktail cuff is the most formal sleeve button style.
  • It can have four buttons, a single button, or even no buttons.
  • You might recall seeing this style in James Bond movies.
  • It's reserved for extremely formal occasions, such as black-tie events.
  • Occasionally, you'll find cocktail cuffs on outerwear to add a unique design element.

    In summary, you have these three primary sleeve button styles to consider when choosing your suit or tuxedo. Opt for the surgeon cuff for most situations, go single-button when you want a touch of sophistication, and reserve cocktail cuffs for those ultra-formal black-tie gatherings. Thanks for tuning in!


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