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How To Properly Roll A Turtleneck

Today, I'm excited to share a quick tutorial on how to roll your turtleneck for a sleek and modern look. Let's dive in:

Traditional Roll vs. Seamless Fold:

  • Traditionally, many opt to fold the turtleneck collar down. However, I have a preferred method that I find more stylish and comfortable throughout the day.

The Seamless Fold Technique:

  1. Initial Position: Start with your turtleneck in its usual position.
  2. Fold to the Inside: Instead of folding the collar down, elegantly fold it to the inside. This creates a seamless appearance and allows you to adjust the height of the turtleneck.
  3. Mock Neck Aesthetic: The folded turtleneck takes on a mock neck sweater aesthetic, offering a clean and sophisticated look.
  4. Customizable Height: One of the advantages of this method is that you can choose how high or low you want the turtleneck to sit on your neck.

Keep in mind that this technique introduces a subtle seam on the inside. While some may not notice or mind, it's essential to choose the method that aligns with your preferences.


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