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How To Properly Button Your Suit Jacket

Think you know how to properly button a suit jacket? Today our founder Jonathan walks us through three different single-breasted jacket styles and how to button them correctly.

1. The Classic Two-Button Jacket

I'm sporting the timeless two-button jacket. Here's the golden rule: Always button the top button and never the bottom one. This configuration emphasizes the jacket's tailored fit and provides a flattering silhouette. This style harks back to an old tale of a king who only buttoned the top button due to his growing girth. The tradition stuck, and we have since made jackets to drape this way. 

2. The Ivy Inspired Three-Roll-Two Jacket

Moving on, we have the sophisticated three-roll-two jacket. While it appears as a two-button jacket, look closely under the lapel, and you'll spot an additional button and buttonhole. The three-roll-two allows you to button the center button whilst maintaining the classic two-button silhouette. Unbuttoning the hidden button introduces a casual flair and adds versatility. On chilly days, you can opt to button the hidden button for extra chest coverage, but keep in mind that it might slightly shorten the visual appeal of your torso.

3. The Elegant Single-Button Jacket

Behold the pinnacle of sartorial elegance—the single-button jacket. This configuration is often reserved for formal occasions and exudes an air of sophistication. Here's the drill: Always button the single button when standing. However, when seated, gracefully unbutton it. This jacket elongates your silhouette and keeps your look effortlessly sleek. The single button also eliminates the need for a second button, contributing to a clean and refined front profile.

Understanding suit button configurations empowers you to make deliberate choices that enhance your overall appearance. Whether you're donning a two-button, three-roll-two, or single-button jacket, keep these guidelines in mind to ensure you always look effortlessly stylish.



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