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How To Properly Button A Double Breasted Suit Jacket

Today, I'm going to guide you through the proper way to button a double-breasted suit jacket as well as introduce you to different variations that you may encounter or would like to design for yourself! Let's get started!

1. Four on One Double-Breasted Jacket

The jacket I'm currently wearing is classified as a "four on one" double-breasted jacket. This means it has four buttons, but only one of them is functional, serving as the anchor button. To button it correctly:

  • Locate the anchor button on the inside of the jacket.
  • Button the anchor button to the corresponding hole on the inside.
  • Now, you can button the outer buttons for a polished look.

The anchor button prevents the fabric from shifting and creates a clean silhouette.

2. Two on One Double-Breasted Jacket

A "two on one" double-breasted jacket is a fantastic choice for formal occasions, including Black Tie events and weddings. It offers a streamlined look with fewer buttons. To button it correctly:

  • Find the anchor button inside the jacket.
  • Button the anchor button to its corresponding hole.
  • Button the outer button for a sleek appearance.

Ensure that you keep this style buttoned while standing to maintain a sharp silhouette.

3. Six on One Double-Breasted Jacket

A "six on one" double-breasted jacket boasts six buttons. Like the previous styles, it has an anchor button on the inside. Here's how to button it:

  • Locate the anchor button and fasten it to its corresponding hole on the inside.
  • Button the outer button on the bottom.

This style offers a more casual, Italian-inspired look with a longer lapel line and a lower buttoning stance.

4. Convertible Six on One Jacket

This type of double-breasted jacket can be converted into a "six on two" style, which is a more conservative look often seen in British tailoring. Here's how to convert it:

  • Button the top outer button to create a "six on two" appearance and leave the bottom button undone.

This versatile jacket allows you to switch between a conservative look and a more laidback vibe by adjusting the button configuration.

These are some of the primary double-breasted jacket styles you'll encounter, and mastering the art of buttoning them is essential for looking powerful and stylish. Whether you opt for a four on one, two on one, six on one, or convertible style, remember to secure the anchor button on the inside and wait for the compliments to follow. 


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