Why Facial Hair Makes You More Attractive To Women

Why Facial Hair Makes You More Attractive To Women

A well-groomed man with well-groomed facial hair speaks volumes. “I take care of myself and I’ll take care of you.” “I take pride in my appearance and smell great.” “I’m probably good in bed because my beard is a representation of the rest of my body.”

Ok, maybe not, but a man that takes the time to pamper himself and his face is sexy AF.

Everyone has their own type, but after asking friends and thinking of people I’ve been attracted to in the past, I realized that facial hair on men really did make a difference to whether I was attracted to them at first sight. When we’re physically attracted to someone, we’re not thinking about the science involved. When I see a man in a classic three-piece suit, with an impeccable physique, perfectly quaffed hair, rustic facial scruff and a chiseled jawline that makes you salivate like Pavlov’s dog, the only science that’s on the brain is procreation. But biologically and scientifically speaking, men and women are attracted to each other based on many different factors, and surprisingly the way a man grooms his face has a correlated effect to how attracted a woman is to him. Whether you have a beard, scruff or are clean shaven, research shows that they all play a role in what women want.  

A scientific study was done by Neave and Shields in 2008 on the effects of facial hair and women’s perceptions of men’s attractiveness, masculinity, and dominance. The researchers asked women to rate male faces based on attractiveness, as well as examine each face and decide if they’d prefer this person as a long-term or short-term partner. A clean-shaven face, light stubble, heavy stubble, a short beard and a full beard were all in the running.


The results showed that women found men with light stubble most attractive, and could see them as both long and short-term partners. Men with full beards were viewed as more aggressive, masculine, mature and ranked as long-term partners. Women felt that men with beards had enhanced levels of survival and fertility instincts, and would make ideal partners biologically. The men with no facial hair were viewed as more feminine and ranked lowest on the scale of attractiveness. To the poor baby-faced man who can’t grow more than a soul patch, it’s time to re-evaluate your life. Kidding… 

A similar study was done in 2013, showing almost identical data. Interestingly in this study, women rated men with full beards as the best at parenting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Men with light to heavy stubble were still seen as most attractive, but viewed as less paternal, leading to more of a sexual, short-term relationship. Also noteworthy was that as the amount of hair on the man’s face increased, so did their level of masculinity. Now my ex can’t blame me for my incessant need to watch Sons of Anarchy on repeat alone. “It’s not my fault, it’s science baby”.

So to recap, stubble equals sex on a stick, and a beard equates to a man’s masculinity and offspring abilities in the eyes of women. However, facial hair obviously isn’t the only factor to attract a woman. A man that knows how to treat a woman with respect, takes care of himself physically, has a great sense of humor and loves his mom is what really matters. That being said, if you’re single and have a beard, DM me!

Words by Jessica Dennis

Illustration by Robert John Paterson