The Parka: The Ultimate Winter Essential

The Parka: The Ultimate Winter Essential

According to various meteorologists, this winter is going to be one of the coldest ones to date. It’s sad, I know, as it’s especially freezing here in Canada. When the temperature starts to plummet, there is only one jacket that can do the job and that’s a down parka. Here is one way to wear it.



I have been looking for a good down parka for years now. I wanted something that was not only warm, but sleek enough to be worn dressed up too. This parka from Parajumpers, called the Harraseeket Down Jacket, was the perfect blend of these two elements. I decided to pick up the navy for its versatility, but I would recommend a grey or black as well.



I personally love the Pararescue latches and elements throughout the jacket. Not only does it add interesting fashion details to the down coat, but it speaks to the utilitarian nature of the jacket, which I think is innately masculine.

Lastly, a high-quality down parka like this one is an essential investment. Not only is it an investment for the cold months ahead, but like many great menswear essentials, if you spend the coin you will get the reward. This is a jacket that will definitely keep you warm and last you throughout all of your adventures.

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