The All-in-One Grooming Tool that will Change the Way You Shave

The All-in-One Grooming Tool that will Change the Way You Shave

We live in a time where your appearance matters more than ever. With selfies dominating the social media world, every time that you post a photo of yourself, people are forming an opinion of you with a double tap or a scroll-by. As men, we sadly don’t have the plethora of options that women do to contour our faces into visual masterpieces. With that said, we do have one key feature that can take us from dud to stud. It’s that manly stubble we call facial hair.

Tom Ford once said, “When you trim your beard well, you will look sharp and chiseled – even if you’re not.” With this principle in mind, shaping your facial hair in a way that suits your look is extremely important. The good people at Philips realized that there was a lack of multi-purpose tools in the market that could do it all for your facial hair. After various designs and product tests, they developed a hand-held device that I truly think every guy should have in their grooming arsenal. It’s called the One Blade.



Philips decided that the most important part of a razor was how well it shaved, not how many blades it has. For this reason, they reduced the shaver to one blade (hence the name) and gave it the power to speedily cut hair (200x per second). Not only can you shave your face wet or dry, but it can also trim your stubble to any length, with the various clip-on pivot combs.



Last but not least, this thing is literally a steal, retailing at the price of $44.99. It can also be found at major retailers across Canada, making your life a whole lot easier.

Go ahead gentlemen, change the way you shave.

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