Styling with “Stan the Mannequin”: Take a weight off

Styling with “Stan the Mannequin”: Take a weight off

As the temperature starts to climb into the twenties it may be time to re-evaluate you suit game. Changing the fabric and color of your 9 to 5 gear is the easiest way to stay cool as the weather warms up. For this summer approved business look I put together a blue cotton gingham blazer, a club collared white dress shirt, a polka dotted knit tie, a knitted pink pocket square, and a 1 inch tie bar.

gingham stan 1

The key to dressing up in the heat is to keep your layers light and this gingham blazer is exactly that. Its unconstructed, made out of a paper thin cotton fabric, and is blue and white to repel sunlight. Unlike traditional models this version is also slimmer in the body and has a low button stance for a more youthful appeal.

gingham stan 3

Why not trade in your standard silk tie for a knit version? “Sock ties” as they often referred are great for dressing down an outfit due to its casual nature. They can be made of cotton or silk and come in a variety of different colors and prints. If you are going to buy one knit tie this season opt for a slim 2 inch navy polka dotted version like the one Stan has on. It’s versatile and trendy at the same time and can work with thousands of outfit combinations! Believe me there aren’t many items in your wardrobe that can do that!

gingham stan 2

Sometimes buying basic white shirts can be boring but playing with collar styles can add an interesting touch. This “club” collared version is one of my favorites as its small enough that it works well with my slimmer ties but also adds a fashion forward esthetic. In fact one of the best dressed schools in England called Eton College created the collar back in 1920 as a way to differentiate themselves as the sartorial elite.

gingham stan
Cotton gingham unlined blazer – Ralph Lauren, White club collared dress shirt – Le Chateau, Navy knitted polka dotted tie – The Tie Bar, 1-Inch tie bar – The Tie Bar, Pink knitted pocket square – Thrifted

This look is one of those multi-purpose outfits. You could wear it to the office with a pair of navy dress pants and wingtips, to a summer wedding with beige chinos and brogues, or to a day party on the water with white linen pants and loafers. Where you end up is all up to you!

 Yours truly,

Mr. Cavaliere