Styling with “Stan the Mannequin”: Prints on Prints

Styling with “Stan the Mannequin”: Prints on Prints

Prints have slowly been on the rise in menswear over the past couple of seasons and this spring it’s about to boil over. I’m not talking about your typical plaids and checks, I’m talking about those bold avant garde in your face type prints!

stan the man prints

My favorite looks are always ones that have multiple dimensions to them. These dimensions can come from layering, from mixing fabric textures, or from a combination of prints. For this reason I thought I’d put Stan in a monochromatic printed spring look!

stan the man prints menswear

Whenever I style a guy and tell him that we should do a printed look I always get the same reaction. There stand offish right away and then as I ease them into the look they end up loving their outfit. There’s just something with pattern mixing that intimidates guys.

stan the man2

The key to pattern mixing and looking as sharp as Stan, is a little style rule called design coordination. If you look at Stan’s outfit there isn’t one print that’s the same design or size. This allows each piece to make its own statement without blending in with another element. Another way to neutralize this print heavy look is to keep it all in a similar color. The blazer, shirt, and bow tie are all in the same color family and for that reason don’t stand out as much as they would if they were all colored. I added the green paisley pocket square to add a colorful spring accent to a dark monochromatic look but a solid white or black would work just as well.

stan the man
Light grey nautical printed jersey blazer – Zara Paisley printed dress shirt – Le Chateau Black polka dotted bow tie – The Tie Bar Green paisley pocket square – Thrifted

The idea setting for this outfit would be a dressy night time fashion event. The bow tie and the print of the shirt make it quite formal but the nautical anchored jersey blazer makes the look slightly sportier and breathable for a warm summer night.

Yours truly,

Mr. Cavaliere