Styling with “Stan the Mannequin”

Styling with “Stan the Mannequin”

Due to the recent popularity of my ever so dapper bust form “Stan the Mannequin”, I thought it was time to give Stan his own segment on Once a week I will dress up Stan in various outfits for different occasions and give a brief description on where his outfit would be appropriate and tips on pulling it off. Welcome to Styling with Stan!


With all this talk of the show “Mad Men” coming to a sad end I thought it would be cool to dress Stan up in a modern Mad Men look.


I put Stan in a white collared pinstripe dress shirt, a pin dotted dark red tie, a black peak lapel blazer with a maroon undertone, a printed pocket square, a silver tie bar, and last but not least a gold collar pin. Trade the blazer for a charcoal or black suit and this look is perfect for any type of corporate or business setting.


You don’t have to work in an advertising firm to look as dapper as Don Drapper! As we all know, small details are the most important part of menswear. Without the collar pin, tie bar, and pocket square this look wouldn’t have the flare and visual interest that the men of 1960’s Manhattan brought. Also take into account the silhouette of the jacket. It’s tapered to the mid section which gives the blazer a nice visual line. Remember only button the top button of your blazer never the second one! I can’t tell you how many guys are still making this huge mistake!


Yours truly,

Mr. Cavaliere