Style Profile: Gordon Shadrach

Style Profile: Gordon Shadrach

One thing I have always admired is when people find a way to combine their talents to create something truly unique. Gordon Shadrach is one of those creative gentlemen that has found a way to do just that.

At the age of 48, Gordon has seen many different styles come in and out of fashion. Being a former visual display coordinator for clients like Harry Rosen and Polo Ralph Lauren, Gordon has always had a keen eye for the smallest of details. This innate skill combined with his love for acrylic painting created an outlet that Gordon thought could only amount to a mere hobby. 2 years later Gordon has developed a name for himself and has exhibited his menswear inspired work to thousands of collectors. With that being I would like you all to meet Gordon Shadrach, the menswear artisan.

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Describe your style

I would describe my style as “classic contemporary dandy”.

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What got you into fashion in the first place? 

My mother was a strong influence  on me and encouraged me to develop a sense of style. I loved watching her get ready to go out to parties and see her transform herself. By the time I was 8 or 9, she would ask me to pick out my older brother’s clothes when we had to dress up and go out, so I guess I had a sense of style as a young boy. My parents instilled in me that I had to appear confident and well put together as a way to make good first impressions. They taught me to stand tall. I was always tall for my age and they would reassure that it was okay to stand out. As I got older, I considered myself to be a non-conformist and enjoyed exploring fashion.  As a teenager I taught myself to sew and my parents encouraged me to study fashion design, but I knew it would be a very competitive field so I didn’t pursue it. Eventually I got work in Visual Display through a friend and had a great run for 10 years in display, marketing and industrial design in fashion retail before becoming a teacher and artist. So, fashion has played an important part in my life since I was a kid.

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What is you favorite item in your wardrobe?

This is tough. Probably a good pair of jeans. Being 6’ 4” with really long legs, buying jeans is a pain. Anytime I can find ones that fit me well and are long enough, I feel that I have to buy them. Right now I love my Levis Made and Crafted jeans. They fit well and I know that they are going to age well.

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You feel your best when wearing…

I love wearing a sharp pair of shoes. They complete the outfit. Since I was a kid, I noticed that when people check out someone new, they ultimately judge them by their shoe choice. Maybe that’s why I love to paint them so much – they are the unsung heroes of men’s fashion.

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How do you approach getting dressed every day?

The weather has a huge impact on what I choose. I love to wear ties, but I get hot really easily. I try to find that compromise of fashion and comfort, but the summer can be a real challenge for me. I love getting dressed in the fall. I enjoy mixing it up with layers.

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Your sartorial pet peeve

No offence to anyone, but I think that every man should learn how to tie a bow tie! We don’t wear clip-on neckties, so the rule should apply to bow ties. I am willing to teach anyone who is interested in learning how to do it.

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Favorite brand or retailer?

I’ve been shopping at Club Monaco since it opened. They’ve gone through some challenging time’s but have managed to find their niche and its what keeps me going back.

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Who or where do you get your style inspiration? 

I’m inspired everywhere I go. I am happy that young men are dressing better and embracing classic styles and tailoring. I watch and see how people and designers mix patterns. I love how Etro and Paul Stuart do it. I’ve been travelling to Europe more and more and I’m contradicting myself here, but Amsterdam was really inspiring in how the men keep it quite simple. Tailored shirts and pants with beautiful shoes. The shoes there are nuts. I would move to Amsterdam just for the shoes.

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I`d like to thank Gordon for participating and for more on his work visit

Yours truly,

Mr. Cavaliere