Know your fabrics: Seersucker

Know your fabrics: Seersucker

Seersucker is probably one of the most interesting of all the summer fabrics because of its unique texture and easy wearability. Seersucker is made out of a thin cotton which has a puckered look to it. Seersucker is commonly found in stripes, ginghams, and plaids and comes in a variety of colors. Most seersucker fabrics have a white, off-white, or light grey base with a printed pastel color on top. Colors include mint green, baby blue, pale pink, and many more.


Seersucker was first created in the late 1700’s in the British colony we now know as India. Once this innovative light weight fabric was introduced in the United States, underprivileged gentlemen from all over the south made clothing with it to stay cool in the extreme heat. In the 1920’s preppy university students across the United States used the fabric as a way to stand against the snobbery of the upper classes at the time. Like most things preppy students wore, the fabric slowly became a staple in men’s fashion and continues to be a menswear essential today.

Due to its lightweight feel and bright coloring, seersucker clothing is a day time summer textile. It’s perfect when used for a suit for a wedding or for shorts on a hot day at the beach. Seersucker is also very easy to wear. Unlike other fabrics that need to be pressed and kept crisp looking, seersucker is naturally puckered and wrinkled so there is basically no maintenance required when you want to wear it!

Seersucker short suit

Seersucker also comes in a variety of different items such as button up shirts, shorts, suits, and accessories. It might be the fashion innovator in me but I have always dreamed of having a blue pinstripe seersucker short suit like the one above. The short suit has been one of the biggest trends in menswear for about 2 seasons now and what better fabric than in a light blue seersucker. It can also be quite versatile as you can split the suit into a casual short look with a cotton button down and loafers and a dressed up blazer look with chinos, a crisp shirt, and a tie.

If your still not convinced than here is some inspiration on how to put your seersucker together:


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