Saxx VS MyPakage: Who Makes the Most Comfortable Underwear?

Saxx VS MyPakage: Who Makes the Most Comfortable Underwear?

For years, I underestimated the power of good underwear. It all started two years ago, when I was in a conversation with a friend about what type of underwear we wore and he told me about two brands that were changing the game. As a former boutique employee, I thought I knew a thing or two about quality underwear – but boy, was I wrong.

He recommended trying out a pair from either Saxx or MyPakage. Like the curious menswear enthusiast I am, I decided to try both. At first, I was pretty skeptical about spending $30 – $40 on an unknown boxer brand. However, once I put each of them on and tested them out for the day, my opinion changed very quickly. Before we go any further, let’s start with a quick overview of each brand.


Saxx is a Canadian company, founded by Trent Kitsch in 2006. Trent was inspired to create the brand after a cold, wet Alaskan fishing expedition, which was just as uncomfortable on the outside as it was underneath all his layers. Saxx prides themselves on their revolutionary mesh panels in every pair, which keeps everything in place and prevents chafing and unwanted friction.

MyPakage is also a Canadian company and was started in 2009 by two friends. They set out to make the best pair of underwear, as they thought it was a market that had not seen much growth for decades. MyPakage prides themselves on their “Keyhole Comfort Technology” that uses a 3-dimensional pouch for superior support and comfort.

One common problem that I always found when buying boxers in packages of 5 for $20 was the eternal struggle with constant BSTL (Google it). To say the least, the readjusting and sweating was uncomfortable. I also remember riding my boxers up higher, just so that my junk wouldn’t make contact with my leg. Both Saxx and MyPakage solved these problems for me and they are all I put on now.

The question is, which one is better? Well, this really comes down to personal preference and how much support you want. If I had to choose which brand works best for me, it would have to be MyPakage.


I like the idea that you’re completely protected with their cleverly devised Keyhole Comfort Technology. If you like a little less support, then the mesh panels in Saxx could work better for you. Over time, my pairs of MyPakage underwear have also kept their superior feel and I know that I won’t have to readjust throughout the day. None the less, both brands are in my rotation.

With that being said, I encourage you to try out a pair for yourself and see which one works best for you. They are literally life changing.

Head over to our friends at to grab yourself a pair.

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  • JB

    Have you tried Frigo? They are adjustable for support and I am curious as to how they compare to these two brands.

  • Hi JB,

    I have yet to try them out but I will make a point of picking up a pair next time I see them! Maybe there will be a post for them in the future. You never know!

  • TB

    My Pakage is far superior to Saxx. I have numerous pairs of both, and its night and day.

  • Bruin Stevens

    Duluth Trading BULLPEN CORRALLING BOXER BRIEFS are better than either of these two mentioned. “Get a pair!”