Preppy Chambray

Preppy Chambray
As I mentioned in my last post a chambray shirt is very versatile! For that reason I decided to put together a preppier chambray look to show you all another way to wear this awesome piece!  
Blue chambray shirt – Le Chateau 
TIP: When dressing up a chambray shirt, try and stick to pieces that are similar in fabric (ex: Cotton).
Plaid bow tie – American Apparel 
Indigo blue cotton chambray vest – Le Chateau 
TIP: Guys are always asking me how they can add some flare to their outfit with out looking over done. A bow tie is one of those flare items that’s both subtle but makes a bold statement at the same time.   
Blue braided belt – Le Chateau 
TIP: If you are a reader of the blog you know that I am a big fan of monochromatic looks. It keeps everything simple and lets each piece stand out on its own which is what menswear is all about!

Grey trousers – Le Chateau 
Indigo blue driving mocks – Store in Milan  

Yours truly, 

   Mr. Cavaliere