Made for You

We are all unique. That is why everything we craft here at Mr. Cavaliere is thoughtfully designed with you in mind. Please learn more about our responsible production process to see what shopping experience is right for you.

Made to Order

We believe in slow fashion. Rather than ordering hundreds of garments each season, we only create clothing on demand. This allows us to offer you a more personalized product as well as avoid unnecessary waste and emissions. It’s better for you, and better for the world.

Find what's right for you

Peruse our collection and let us know what catches your eye. Feel free to contact us for a style consultation or proceed straight to the check out.

Size up

Choose a standard size that’s right for you. If you have any size adjustments you would like to make to your garment, let us know and we can accommodate.

Suit Up

In two to four weeks, you will have garments that look great and last the test of time.

Made to Measure

A more personal approach. Let us show you a selection of fabrics first hand as well as chat over your wardrobe needs and get you fitted. Meet us at Mr. Cavaliere Studio or let us come to you.

Let us get to know you

We want to know you as well as we possibly can. This way, we can craft a made to measure garment that make sense for the way you live your life. Whether you go ballroom dancing, you’re an international spy, or anything in between, these details can help us carefully design a garment that can move with you.

Get fitted

The best clothes are the ones that fit you perfectly. Every made to measure client receives their own digital pattern. This means every time you order your garments from us they will fit you exactly the same way. No more wasting time guessing what size you are.


In four to five weeks, your completely custom garment will arrive. Once it does, we will do any last-second pressing and set up one final appointment to make sure everything fits just right. If there is anything that needs an adjustment, our in-house tailoring team will correct it and have you on your way.


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