The Essentials List Part 4: Underwear

The Essentials List Part 4: Underwear

It’s time to think about what’s going on underneath your pants. No not that… I’m talking about your underwear. Having about 10-15 good pairs of underwear are key to keeping your manhood healthy, comfortable, and ready for anything. I can’t tell you how many times I’ll see guys walking down the street with awkward ripples in their jeans because they chose the wrong underwear. With that being said, it’s time to get this undercover topic sorted out.

Mens underwear breifs

There are three different styles that guys can choose from: briefs, boxers, and boxer-briefs. Briefs are what the kids in elementary school called “tighty whiteys,” but are crucial to having an awesome underwear game. Briefs are great for guys with slim or muscular frames as they keep everything where it’s suppose to be without all the extra fabric. Briefs are also great when wearing a slimmer jean or chino as you get a clean silhouette around the upper thigh.

Mens Underwear Boxers

Boxers in my opinion are the worst of the bunch. They are basically loin cloths with leg holes. Boxers are loose fitting and give you absolutely no support. Another common drawback of choosing boxers is that you will have frequent BSTL (Google it) and will be adjusting all day.

Mens Underwear Boxers-Breifs

Boxer –Briefs are the perfect blend of the freedom of boxers, but the support of briefs. Boxer-briefs are not only sleek and comfy, but won’t scare your fellow teammates when you change into your equipment. Boxer briefs can also be worn by anyone as they give you a clean silhouette.

My personal favorite underwear brand is a Canadian company from Vancouver called My Package. They have designed the perfect boxer-brief with their ground breaking “key hole” technology. They are super comfortable, but slim enough that they won’t get in the way when wearing a tighter trouser.  Below are some of my favorite styles:

mens underwear boxer breifs

For more on My Package check out

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