The Essentials List 3.4: Summer Loafers: Espadrilles

The Essentials List 3.4: Summer Loafers: Espadrilles

Espadrilles are what I wear to the beach. I am not a sandal/flip flop guy, so for me espadrilles are an inexpensive alternative.  Espadrilles are usually made out of a cotton or canvas base with a cork or jute rope sole.

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The espadrille was founded in the Catalan area of Barcelona, Spain in the 14th century. Originally the shoe was created for peasants due to its cheap properties and simple assembly. As time went on Spanish men and women adopted the shoe and transformed it into a summer essential. Espadrilles slowly became popular footwear for men in the US in the 1980’s as Don Johnson from the hit show “Miami Vice” donned the footwear multiple times throughout its # year run.

When putting an outfit together using the casual slip on make sure your attire is slightly more relaxed. As I said previously I usually only wear my espadrilles to the beach or occasionally on a lazy Sunday. Espadrilles also come in a variety of different colors and prints but if you just want to get a single pair why not try either a navy blue or a black. If you have a shoe that already takes care of the same purpose why not go for something with a print like these trendy options below:

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Now that you have heard all of my summer loafer recommendations which versions will you go for? Comment below!

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