TravelJonathan Cavaliere

Looking Through the Lens: Exploring New Terrain with GMC

TravelJonathan Cavaliere
Looking Through the Lens: Exploring New Terrain with GMC

Being active has always been something that has felt natural to me.

Whether it was playing street hockey as a kid or hiking at the cottage, I would look forward to the days where I would push myself physically in the pursuit of adventure. Unfortunately, adulthood came around and these types of experiences became few and far between. That’s why when GMC reached out to myself and Sean Pollock to journey with them to Lac-Beauport, Quebec, I was excited to relive some of my childhood memories!

Once we arrived, we packed up our spacious GMC terrain and put the address of Entourage sur-le-Lac Hotel & Resort in the new, sleek infotainment system. This place was truly stunning, clean and modern with a magnificent view. Our first adventure of the day was some good old fishing. As novice fishermen, Sean and I decided to take a boat around the water in hopes to catch something! Unfortunately, we were unable to reel anything in other than the worms we originally put on our hooks. As we paddled, the views we experienced were truly spectacular with the leaves all changing color.

After a quick shower, we got ready for a multiple course dinner with the GMC team and a bunch of the other media members for a wonderful night of laughs and good conversation. Take a look below at our virtual tour:


I want to thank GMC for having myself and Sean on this excursion. The terrain really brought back some of the wonderful memories from my adventurous childhood and allowed me to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Words by Jonathan Cavaliere

Photography by Sean Pollock