A Lesson in Ivy League Style

A Lesson in Ivy League Style

When I was younger, I can remember being inspired by the old, prestigious, ivy covered American university campuses I used to see in old movies. I can remember thinking that all universities must look like that and I fantasized about what attending one of these distinguished institutions would be like. I vividly remember how fascinating the characters I saw were and told myself I was going to be just like them one day. As I grew up, I may have slowly lost my drive to attend one of these influential schools, but I never got the look of the 1900’s Ivy Leaguer out of my mind.

There is something about the Ivy League look that I think gets all guys excited. The term Ivy League comes from the concept of an athletic conference composed of sports teams from eight of the top private universities including Harvard, Yale, and Princeton.

Ivy League schools are also viewed as some of the most prestigious, and are ranked among the best universities worldwide. During the 1900’s, when Ivy League schooling was mandatory for any gentleman, those Ivy Leaguers that were fortunate enough to attend these institutions were often linked with wealth, class, style, authority, athleticism, and intelligence.

Ivy League style

One question that I am asked quite a bit is how did you get into fashion and how did you create a great sense of personal style. My answer to this is that I try to resemble the man I want to be.  I think this is a really important lesson for any guy who wants to develop or define his own personal style.

Ivy League Style

Navy Slim fitted Blazer - Boutique in Milano 
Red Paisley pocket square - Zara 
Multi-colored Patchwork button down collared shirt - Club Monaco   

Some of the top designers of our time, such as Ralph Lauren, Thom Browne, and Michael Bastian, often borrow inspiration from the Ivy League look and incorporate the hallmarks of the style in their collections season after season. One of the best things about this style, and probably what makes the Ivy League look so timeless and influential, is that it’s always on trend and is a wearable look for any guy.

Ivy League Style
Tortoise shell Wayfarers - Thrifted 
Brown Tasseled Loafers - H by Hudson
Brown leather classic faced watch - Fossil
Wooden Beads - ASOS 

Although college is behind me, I often incorporate the look into my everyday wardrobe. Wearing shorts and a blazer just has a fashion forward but functional look. The navy blazer adds a more formal element while my swordfish embroidered shorts keep me cool in the summer heat.

Ivy League Style

Swordfish printed shorts - J. Crew

There’s just something about patchwork that make its classic Ivy League. Whether it’s a blazer or a button down collared shirt like the one I’m wearing above, patchwork is the perfect print to make a statement while being one of the most timeless patterns in your wardrobe.

Yours truly,

Mr. Cavaliere