How to Treat Shaving Nicks & Cuts

We’ve all been there. You lather your face with some shaving cream, grab a brand-new razor, and even before you start your second stroke, you cut yourself. In frustration, you reach for a tiny piece of toilet paper to stop the bleeding.

At this point, you’re probably thinking there must be a better way to deal with shaving nicks and cuts! Thankfully, the good people at Glyder have created a new styptic balm to stop shaving accidents from bleeding on contact.

Made in the USA, this patent pending formula uses a blend of vasoconstrictors to stop the bleeding fast. Simultaneously, the combination of vitamin E, aloe vera, and argon oil nourishes and repairs damaged skin. Take a look at the video below and watch how Glyder’s balm works its magic:

The company’s founder, Kaivan Dave,  developed the product by studying a medical technology used by the American military. He noticed that anti-hemorrhagic agents that facilitate platelet plugging and ultimately saving soldiers’ lives could be used in our homes when we shave our faces.

Other than the great benefits of Glyder, I think it’s pretty cool to share the same items that war heroes use to save American soldiers.

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Words by Jonathan Cavaliere