How To Nail the Suit and Sneaker Look

How To Nail the Suit and Sneaker Look

Whether you look at the latest designer runways, top men’s fashion magazines, or blogs like this one, there is one look that’s constantly trending. The suit and sneaker look might seem controversial for those who admire traditional styles and some might even go so far as to call it a fashion crime. However, the world of fashion is evolving and wearing your tailored garments with casual kicks is the biggest thing in menswear right now.

Regardless of how good it looks on the runway, nailing this trend can be difficult. You may even be surprised to find that it’s incredibly easy to get it all wrong. For this reason, we put together a couple of useful tips to help you pull off sneakers in style.

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Pick the right suit

First things first, you gotta get the right suit. In fact, a lot of men don’t wear the right sized suit, even when they’re donning formal shoes. This is simply because they failed to invest in a suit that’s fitted to their unique frame. You don’t have to spend a lot of money either, just pick something up that fits you well and let your tailor to do the rest.

When buying a suit for this look, simple and clean should be priority. If you’re new to the trend, start with something clean like a navy cotton suit. If you are feeling a little more adventurous, why not try out a DB plaid variation like the one I’m rocking in this post. Just make sure the shoulders are soft or lightly padded and the pants have little to no break.

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Choose some sleek shoes

There is a whole range of sneaker options available on the market and this is perhaps where many guys can get confused. If you’re thinking of pairing your suit with the same shoes you wore to the gym, they might not be ideal. Low-top trainers are typically the best options to wear with a suit. Go for something that is slim in width and solid in color. I recommend starting with something in a black, white, or grey at first. Once you have these in your menswear arsenal, it’s never a bad idea to try out some color. My choice would be New Balance 1550 in pewter from Town Shoes. Don’t forget, you’ll have to ditch the socks to pull off this look correctly.

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Tone down the accessories

Now that you have a well fitting suit and the perfect sneakers, the final step is to combine the right menswear essentials to make the outfit sophisticated. Firstly, stick with subtle colors for the shirt, tie, and pocket square. The reason for this is that you don’t want to overshadow your shoe game, especially if you are wearing a bold suit. Also don’t be afraid to swap out the shirt and tie for something more casual, like a crew neck t-shirt for more relaxed occasions. The key to nailing this look is to feel comfortable. So if something in your outfit feels too bold, it probably is.

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I hope these tips are helpful when you decide to tailor up your sneakers. For more great shoe options, head over to Town Shoes.

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  • Rosita

    I completely agree with running shoes and a suit for a casual sophisticated look. It’s fashion forward and looks great!

  • celebs leather

    This suit is really nice!

  • ugodream

    To me, it simply doesn’t work. The look is great until your eyes stop on the shoes, it’s just like someone sporting a great suite with a pair of squarred toe dress shoe, it looks horrible and make you look like you don’t know what you’re doing. The same rule for gym clothes applies here, you should never wear running shoes unless you’re going to actually run or going to the gym.