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How to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee at Home

EatsJonathan Cavaliere
How to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee at Home

We love coffee a latte here at Mr. Cavaliere.

So much so, that we regularly photograph the various, almost religious, java experiences offered at the latest and greatest cafes around town. If your relationship with coffee is anything like ours, then two things are clear. One: facing a Monday morning (or any morning for that matter) without a strong hit of caffeine is like wearing the wrong pair of underwear, you just don’t feel right about it. And two: consistent quality is key. There is nothing worse than paying a premium price for a burnt cappuccino simply because your local barista is having an off-day.

Suffice it to say, our journey for café supremacy eventually took us into our own kitchens. We were faced with the heroic task of crafting a perfect cup to rival any barista. The answer was to update the tools used in extracting the delicious nectar from every bean.

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After searching far and wide and we came across Saeco’s newest innovation: the Xelsis stainless steel super-automatic espresso machine. First thing’s first, the Xelsis has a sleek look. It can be conveniently placed on any countertop, and the model looks right at home with all other stainless-steel appliances.

I know what you’re thinking “enough about the aesthetics, what about the coffee?!” The machine can make anything from a ristretto to a latte, and even my personal favourite, a café cortado. Even better, you can easily customize the characteristics of your drink with its various touch screen options, including temperature, strength, grind, and even foam quantity!

Don’t want to go through the creation process every time you want a flat white? The Xelsis is a step ahead of you (as are most things when you’re feeling uncaffeinated). A profile section on the machine allows you to save your favourites recipes for up to 8 people.

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But what about longevity? The Xelsis also has patented ceramic grinders that extract every drop of flavour out of every last bean. To ensure long-lasting performance, this groundbreaking machine will not deteriorate like others on the market, and Saeco guarantees consistent performance for up to 20,000 cups! Now that’s a lot of coffee, even for our team.

Last but not least, the Saeco machine can use any milk your heart (or stomach) desires. Whether you’re a traditionalist dairy farmer or an almond milk enthusiast, the Xelsis machine will craft the perfect cup of coffee on your command.Not only have we saved a ton of money on the daily, but my team and I look forward to staying in for their morning brew. If you’re looking to tackle the day your way, pick one up for yourself. And no, this is not an invitation for you to come over to our place for coffee, that’s unless you're bringing the beans of course.

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