Styling with “Stan the Mannequin”: How to dress like a Prince

Styling with “Stan the Mannequin”: How to dress like a Prince

Unlike many prints in fashion, the glen check is one of those staple fabrics that have withstood the test of time. For some reason whenever I style this subtle plaid fabric UK pops in my mind. This may be because it was popularized by Prince Edward VIII in the 1920’s or potentially the use of the fabric as hunting attire by the British royals, but either way the “Prince of Wales check” as it’s formally referred is here to stay!

stan glen check 1

For many guys who have their basic suit colors (black, navy, grey, and pinstripe) the glen check is a nice alternative. It’s not as bold as its plaid counterparts but still gives you that visual appeal through its intricate weaves.

stan glen check 3

Do you have a tie bar? Yes than good, if not then get one! But remember one thing; your tie bar should never go fully across the width of your tie! I can’t tell you how many guys I see on a regular basis wearing these massive 2.5 inch tie bars with their suits. Rule of thumb; whatever the tie width is make sure your tie bar is 0.5 inches smaller.

stan glen check 2

I love collar bars. They’re very 1950’s inspired and have a very preppy vibe with a functional purpose. Collar bars keep everything neat! They keep your collar close to your neck and make your tie protrude outwards for bolder statement. I recommend having a specific shirt that you use your collar bar with as you have to puncture 2 holes in your shirt to put it on!

stan glen check 4
White dress shirt – Le Chateau, Gold collar bar – The Tie Bar, Black polka dotted silk tie – Thrifted, Silver 2 inch tie bar – Le Chateau, Black and grey paisley pocket square – Le Chateau, Grey glen check two button suit – Tailor made.

Appose to what people believe your glen check suit can be a very versatile piece in your wardrobe. Think of it as a light grey suit. Also due to the pattern most people find it intimidating to do anything other than a white and black combination like I did above. Switching the white for a pale blue or pink is an easy way to bring a monochromatic look to life!

Yours truly,

Mr. Cavaliere