How to Choose the Right Grooming Regimen for your Skin

How to Choose the Right Grooming Regimen for your Skin

In a perfect world, we’d all be blessed with the same skin type so that all skincare products would work equally well for everyone (yeah, capitalism doesn’t exist in this perfect world).

Unfortunately, as many of us with different skin types can speak to, this grooming utopia doesn’t exist. However, knowing a couple things about your skin type might just give you the leg up on entering said skin Shangri-La.


So, we thought what better way to get the low down on managing your mug than to ask a professional. Simon Duffy is a laidback, well-groomed British entrepreneur that knows a thing or two about skin. He knows so much in fact, that he’s put his expertise to use and stared a skincare line called Bulldog, so that you don’t have to worry about looking like a mutt.

Below you’ll find the three skin categories that most men typically fall into, and accordingly, Simon’s game plan to save face.

Normal Skin

This is the skin we secretly wish we had. Never too dry, never too oily, and you rarely have to deal with breakouts or rashes. You lucky bastard.

Simon’s Recommendation:

The Bulldog Original Line Moisturizer, Face Wash, and Face Scrub.

“If you have an even skin tone that rarely flakes or shines, the Original line is perfect to keep your skin in tip top condition.”

Sensitive Skin

Your skin is a ticking time bomb. It reddens at the slightest graze and you’re cautious to put anything on it at all.

Simon’s Recommendation:

The Bulldog Sensitive Line Moisturizer and Face Wash

“The ingredients in the sensitive line help minimize irritation and redness, and calm sensitive skin. It’s fragrance free and leaves skin hydrated without leaving it greasy or sticky. Sensitive skin can also manifest itself through blemishes or flakiness. Most men who shave would have experienced some sort of sensitivities at some point, so almost anyone could benefit by keeping the Sensitive Moisturizer in their bathrooms. Harsh weather conditions and travelling on an airplane can also cause sensitivities.”

Ageing Skin

You’re basically trying your best not to look like Clint Eastwood.

Simon’s Recommendation:

The Bulldog Age Defense Line Moisturizer

 “The age defense line is created for men to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, while keeping skin feeling smooth and nourished. Anti-aging skincare can be used in your mid-twenties if you want to take a preventative approach, but it can equally be used in your 40s to help reduce signs of skin aging. It’s never too late to start using it. For men that are exposed to pollution, we recommend using this moisturizer as it is rich in antioxidants, which help fight free-radical damage.”

Developing a skin regimen isn’t just about hydrating your face for the day, it’s about catering to your skin type so that you maintain its glow for decades to come. Whether you’re normal, sensitive, oily, or mature, it’s about maintenance, not repair work, my friends. And having that all-powerful knowledge of your skin type can save you from dishing out on over-hyped and generalized products that can actually irritate your visage. Finally, don’t over complicate things when you’re young (build your way up to that for your mid-life crisis). Bulldog brings straightforward skincare products to the counter (with natural ingredients like camelina, green tea, and aloe vera) to keep things easy while feeling comfortable in your own skin.

Words by Jonathan Cavaliere

Illustration by Robert John Paterson