How Living The #AmexLife Helps Me Travel Seamlessly

As a menswear and lifestyle blogger, a big part of my job is travel. Whether it’s a press trip in Montreal or a meeting in New York, booking flights and accommodations is something I do quite often. Typically these types of events come with little to no warning, as I must be flexible to meet the needs of my business.



The world now is so interconnected and I love that I can do my job from basically anywhere. I wanted this type of flexibility and dependability in the reward points program I chose for my busy on-the-go life. For this reason, there was no doubt that American Express was by far the best option.

I love their new Fixed Points Travel Program. It takes all of the headaches out of booking my travel plans, as I can use my points for eligible flights, regardless of the time of year. I also love that The Fixed Points Travel Program is offered for both economy and business flights. As well, I appreciate the option to book direct flights, which helps manage my time and presents a more comfortable flight experience.




When I’m visiting a new city, trendy restaurants, the right hotel, and even some great entertainment can be difficult to find – especially if you don’t know anyone from there! That’s why one of my favorite perks offered exclusively by Amex is their Travel Concierge Service. When you call the helpful staff at the Concierge Service, it really feels like you’re chatting with a friend. They kindly ask questions about you, to find a way to curate an unforgettable experience. Not only that, but they make all the reservations for you so you can get back to what you love doing most.



As I write this, I am currently sitting in my hotel room at the Marriott on the Falls in Niagara; Feeling comfortable, refreshed and excited to check out the views and food at the Skylon Tower Revolving Dining Room – which were all booked by my personal American Express Concierge assistant!


If flexibility, dependability, and time are important to you when you travel, then I highly recommend you join myself in living the #AmexLife.

Words by Jonathan Cavaliere

Photography by Hillory Renkema

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