How Innovative Scandinavian Design is Reinventing Volvo

How Innovative Scandinavian Design is Reinventing Volvo

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If I could describe Scandinavian fashion in a few words, I would use: luxurious, minimal, clean, and innovative. When it comes to design, the Swedes believe in infusing these themes in all aspects of life. These exact words are what Swedish brand, Volvo, tapped into when creating the new the S90.vcc09658


Historically, Volvo has been a brand defined by doing things differently. One thing that Swedes are truly exceptional at is creating products that are designed around its user. With this in mind, Volvo created a luxury vehicle based on four variables they thought were the most important aspects of the driving experience and lifestyle. Those aspects were: sustainability, intuitive technology, complete performance, and beautiful design.p2015_1047

Volvo started by creating vehicles that had an all-encompassing commitment to sustainability. Every procedure that goes into a Volvo takes an environmentally-friendly approach. That’s why they continue to create energy-efficient cars, keep some of the cleanest factories, and have even minimized their total environmental impact by using 85% recyclable materials on every car. Not only that, but Volvo also wants you to breathe better while you drive their vehicles!p2015_1008

CleanZone is their approach to your car’s interior environment. Volvo offers an Interior Air Quality System that checks incoming air for pollutants and closes the vents when necessary. An active carbon filter also helps protect you from harmful gases and unpleasant odors – so you can breathe happy and healthy.

Sensus is Volvo’s world-class infotainment system. The system is completely compatible with your smart phone and with the Volvo on Call app, you will know everything that’s happening in your car. The app provides you with fuel level, an option to lock the car from your phone, let’s you know how long you have driven, and includes many more features. Below is a video of Volvo’s easy to use technology:

Lastly, and in my opinion the most important aspect of a Volvo, are the completely customizable settings in every part of the car. As I previously mentioned, Volvo prides itself as designing their vehicles for each individual user. Hybrid mode is their adaptive electronic motor and gas parallel system that adjusts to you as you drive. It has supportive safety features that helps you drive when distracted. Their seats are also designed to give you more room than other vehicles, with customizable options, premium finishes, and personal placement. It’s like making your own custom suit, which fits your body perfectly.p2015_1063

Overall, I feel that the Volvo S90 is a luxury vehicle that is made for the 21st century. For more information on the Volvo S90 and the entire fleet, head over to

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