#GoBeyond With Huawei and the New NOVA Plus

#GoBeyond With Huawei and the New NOVA Plus

This past week, I was lucky enough to attend the launch event of the NOVA Plus from Huawei. The event had a very unique Supernova-theme and focused on outer space, stars, and what it feels like to #GoBeyond.

jc-10The night began with the famous Canadian astronaut Col. Chris Hadfield talking about his incredible journey to space. He talked about what it was like to experience zero gravity and how music helped him cope while being so far away from earth. We were all pleasantly surprised when Hadfield picked up his guitar and serenaded the crowd with a couple songs he often sang while away from home.

After he had finished, Canadian band Dwayne Gretzky took over and played a few greatest hits covers.


jc-14As a fan of cocktails, I was interested to see what the talented team at BarChef had created for the night. My personal favorite was their gin and dry ice concoction that steamed as the ingredients were mixed. This truly distinctive beverage gave everyone in attendance an out of this world look at how the moon’s surface may appear. More importantly, it made for some great Instagram story content!




As I left the event, I was provided with a gift box and inside was a certificate that declared a star had been officially named after me. I can honestly say it’s probably the coolest gift I’ve ever received!

Over the course of the night, I covered the evening with my Huawei NOVA device that I was graciously provided with for the event. I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed the technology. I loved how fast the 3D fingerprint sensor was when I unlocked my phone, as well as the amazing 16-megapixel camera with an optical image stabilizer for shooting amazing images on the go.


Overall, I definitely recommend trying out the NOVA Plus for yourself at any Rogers, Virgin Mobile, or Fido store. Thanks again to Huawei for having me, as I had an out of this world night!

Yours truly,

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