Ford’s Ultimate Track Experience

Ford’s Ultimate Track Experience

A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege to attend an adrenaline-pumping track day experience with Ford Canada! Photographer, Sean Pollock, and I headed up to Toronto Motorsport Park in Cayuga, Ontario to test the raw power of the new Ford Mustang and the Focus RS.

After a quick track demonstration from our professional driver, it was time for us to try our luck behind the wheel! Take a look at the video below for some behind the scenes footage from the day:

Sean and I had an amazing time and I was able to check another item off my bucket list. Thanks again to the team at Ford Canada for having us!

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  • Grayce Y

    OMG! This looks soooooo fun!!! Can’t believe you got to try out the Focus RS! Did you know that they are only selling 1,500 of the 2018 models in North America?

  • I had a wonderful time! I had no idea!