Fall Essentials That Will Get You Through Winter

Over the past couple of years here in Toronto, Winter has been showing up later and later to the party. With the occasional light snow fall in November and December, we really get the brunt of winter after the new year and well into January. This means that my favorite men’s style month, Fall, is extended – which is great for wearing awesome menswear pieces.

I often find myself leaning towards neutral shades when the weather cools down and this outfit was no exception. Beige, navy, and brown are all great colors when you want to put together an outfit that easily pairs well. Starting with items that you are comfortable in at the base of your layered look is always a sure fire way to start off an outfit. For this look, I begun my base with a neutral henley and combined it with a pair of washed-out denim.


To dress up the henley, I took one of my favorite cardigans and threw it on top. I personally love the toggles on this knit, as it gives the look a nautical element without being too literal. Beige sweaters are also super easy to pair with blue denim, as they compliment the yellow stitching on most jeans.

To add some warmth, I put on this navy tweed/nylon down vest. A down vest is a great alternative to a bomber or parka when the weather is on the milder side. When suiting up, a down vest can also be a great variation for warmth, as opposed to a traditional topcoat. Don’t believe me? See for yourself here.


jc-4805Lastly, when it comes to your feet, you have to make sure your boot game is not only insulating, but stylish as well. These Pajar boots, from Town Shoes, are the perfect blend of those two elements. You can be assured that when the snow does come, you will be prepared and looking great at the same time.

If you’re looking for a pair of boots that are sure to be an essential in the fall and (soon approaching) winter months, check out Town Shoes or TownShoes.ca.

Words by Jonathan Cavaliere

Photography by Aous Poules