Know your fabrics: Chambray

Know your fabrics: Chambray

Besides linen, Chambray is one of the most commonly worn summer fabrics around. Chambray is made out of cotton and is a close relative to denim. Although unlike denim, chambray is lighter in weight and is made by a plain weave as appose to twill. Its texture also looks quite grainy and often resembles that of linen, but this is due to the white weft and coloured warp that constructs a chambray cloth.

Know your fabrics: Chambray

Chambray was first created in the small town of Chambrai, France which in turn gave the textile its name.  Chambray was originally used as a clothing fabric to make corsages for women’s attire in the 1800’s. As the fabric gained popularity and headed toward North America it was used as a unisex cloth for clothing. Chambray today comes in a variety of different colours, but I would say the most notable is the light blue version.

In terms of wearing chambray, treat it similar to a summer denim. Chambray also comes in a variety of styles including shirts, shorts, pants, ties and even casual suiting! If you are going to add one chambray item to your wardrobe, my personal recommendations is to go for a blue chambray button up shirt. Below are some of my favorite chambray shirts as well as other pieces that I recommend taking a look at if you want to add an interesting casual element to your look.

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For some added inspiration, below is a couple pictures from previous posts that incorporated chambray:

preppy chambray look chambray under blazer chambray shirt chambray blazer concrete jungle bow tie and chambray

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