Experiencing #QuietLuxury in Prince Edward County with the Lincoln MKZ: Angeline’s Inn

Experiencing #QuietLuxury in Prince Edward County with the Lincoln MKZ: Angeline’s Inn

What is quiet luxury, exactly? The English language includes many words used to describe things that can really only be felt. Serenity, power and elegance are a few of these concepts that can only be explained if one has experienced them wholly.


There are certain people, places, and even mere moments in time, that embody each of these concepts. However, ultimately it’s really something you can experience firsthand. Quiet luxury is what Lincoln tapped into creating the new MKZ.



In the spirit of quiet luxury, I took a road trip to Prince Edward County to experience the serenity the region had to offer. In this three-part series, my photographer Steven Lee and I will take you on virtual adventure through the townships that make Prince Edward County such a stunning destination.



Our first stop on the tour is Angeline’s Inn, where we stayed for the duration of our visit. The Angeline’s is a small, family-run Inn that has been in business for over 27 years. Located in the village of Bloomfield, this cozy destination has 17 rooms on site – each designed by their inn-house designer and son, Alex Fida.



We were lucky enough to stay in one of the marquee spots on the property, called the Babylon Log House. Designer, Alex, took this abandoned 1860’s white cedar log cabin and transformed it into a spectacular traveller’s paradise. The house had a loft style appeal, but was equipped with both modern finishes and restored items from the original property. Not to mention the beautiful panoramic views of the fields from the kitchen.

For dinner each night, we couldn’t get enough of the Hubb Eatery & Lounge. Only a minute walk from our cabin, the Hubb had a bit of everything and I can honestly say that I had some of the best meals I have ever had there. With a menu including a 16-hour short rib, as well as parisienne gnocchi, and even crispy duck breast, each dish was mouth-watering.



Overall, I can honestly recommend the Angeline’s Inn for a single night or even an extended stay. Lastly, thanks to the MKZ for getting us there in style. If you want to explore your own quiet luxury, try test-driving the Lincoln MKZ.



Stay tuned for part two, as we explore the famous Sandbanks.

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