The Essentials List 3.3: Summer Loafers: Deck shoes

The Essentials List 3.3: Summer Loafers: Deck shoes

Deck shoes, or boat shoes as they are commonly referred to, are the most versatile loafers you can wear. Deck shoes come in canvas or leather typically with a siping rubber sole for grip on wet surfaces. Most deck shoes also have a water repellant finish, as they were originally created for life on a boat.

deck shoes boat shoes

In 1980, the former fisherman shoe made its way into mainstream fashion and like many trends at the time became an American prepster essential.  Deck shoes can literally be paired with anything as it is a cleaner alternative to wearing a sneaker. If you are buying your first pair of deck shoes and want a staple that is versatile, try doing a light brown or grey version. If you already have a staple, why not try doing a black or blue to add some dimension to your wardrobe!

The Essentials list 3.3: Summer Loafers: Deck shoes sperrys

Like all iconic shoe styles, prices vary. My personal recommendation is to go for something that is comfortable and light weight. Also remember never wear deck shoes with socks! I can’t tell you how many times I see guys making this mistake on a regular basis!

I hope you enjoyed the post and stay tuned for part three of the summer loafer’s guide where I cover espadrilles.

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Mr. Cavaliere