Driving in the Lap of Luxury with the Volvo S90

Driving in the Lap of Luxury with the Volvo S90

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When I think of what luxury means to me, I often picture a well-crafted suit or a smooth glass of scotch. However, luxury isn’t only about how you dress yourself or indulging in extravagant foods and beverages – a large part of luxury is also based on the ideas of comfort and pleasure. This is what the innovative people at Volvo wanted to emulate when designing the Volvo S90.

Volvo S90 shown with accessories

Volvo has historically aimed to design around their drivers in a truly Scandinavian way. By crafting vehicles with their drivers in mind, the S90 is not only sleek and lavish, but also offers an easy and enjoyable ride. Who says that you can’t have a car with the best of both worlds?

As well, the spacious cabin and ergonomic leather seats speak to a new level of comfortability for the driver. Now driving around the city to check-off nagging tasks on your to-do list no longer needs to feel like a chore.

Volvo S90 shown with accessories

What’s more is the smooth nature of the car’s handling. Powered by a 2.0-litre four-cylinder engines and equipped with both turbocharger and superchargers, you’re certain to always get a smooth ride. Whether you’re driving in pure silence or maximum acceleration, every mode feels like an enjoyable experience.

Most importantly, you can drive comfortably knowing that the S90 is fuel efficient, giving you the most mileage without the extra cost. Once you’ve reached the speed you want, the system automatically sends power to the front wheels of the car to conserve fuel. Now you can spend that extra cash on other areas of your life that you want to make more luxurious.

It’s time to experience design, driving and comfort in total harmony with the Volvo S90. Head over to Volvocars.ca for more on the S90 and to check out the rest of the line-up.

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