Day Off Style

Day Off Style

A lot of the time I find when people have a day off work, they completely forget their grooming and style rules. They don’t do their hair, they put on their comfiest, albeit ill fitting, clothes and they look so disheveled you’d be surprised they had a job in the first place. When you comment on their unusual appearance they reply with “I didn’t know what to wear” or “It’s my day off! Leave me alone” or my personal favourite, “I was just too lazy this morning”. Don’t get me wrong, I have those days where I wake up and all I want to do is lounge around in my robe all day, but thankfully there is a way to look awesome while staying comfy!

Monday is usually the day I take care of all my errands. Whether its grocery shopping or picking up my dry cleaning, Monday usually consists of tasks that don’t necessarily require a dapper outfit. With that being said, here is my idea on how to look good but stay comfy on your day off!

camo joggers1

There’s really nothing more comfortable than a good pair of sweatpants! If you saw last week I talked about how fitted sweatpants have become one of the hottest trends for spring! These slim, dark, camouflage track pants are my go-to for busy Mondays. They’re bold enough to make a statement but masculine in a way that I’m not attracting too much attention. The best part, besides how comfortable they are, is that when the drawstrings are tucked in people confuse them for chinos!

camo joggers2

The perfect day off includes not having to do my hair. Instead of showing the world what I look like straight out of bed, it gives me a chance to take out some of my hats that I don’t get to wear often enough. Most of the time when guys think hats they reach straight for their favourite ball cap, but sometimes it’s nice to experiment with other styles. For this this look I decided I wanted a slightly more mature element, so I threw on a grey tweed newspaper boy cap.

camo joggers4

I’m not a fan of hoodies by any means (I’d rather a zip up), but this light gauge grey cotton version is one of my essentials. It’s quite light in fabric and is tapered to the body which means I could still put a jacket on top.

camo joggers stylish sweat pants

My Monday commute isn’t always a dry one and for that reason my footwear choice has to stand up to the elements. These Top Sider duck boots are the perfect combination of function, fashion, and comfort. They have a foam insole that makes you feel like you’re walking on a cloud but still keep my feet dry when walking through rain or snow.

camo joggers sweat pants style harlem pants

So next time you walk out of your house ask yourself, “Do I look comfortable and awesome or do I look like I was just too lazy this morning?”

Yours truly,

Mr. Cavaliere