Canadian Winter Boot Brand, Altorosto, is Bringing Style to Functional Footwear

Canadian Winter Boot Brand, Altorosto, is Bringing Style to Functional Footwear

The simple philosophy that, “winter footwear can be more than pure function, but an expression of individuality and taste,” is one that the new winter footwear brand, Altorosto, was built on.

Founder, Igor Manukhov, started the brand when he noticed that there was a lack in stylish boots that he could wear to work in winter. He explained that, “there were many lightweight leather options, but none of them were truly winterized.” With this footwear issue, Igor took it upon himself to create a boot that combined the warmth of a shearling coat and the sleekness of a leather jacket.

He finally had his aha moment when visiting family in Belarus. One day when he was out shopping at the various local boutiques, he came across a cobbler that had specialized in making custom footwear for over 25 years. After chatting and explaining his dilemma, the shoemaker recommended lining his dressy boots with fur. The rest, they say, is history.

Made in Belarus and lined with organic fur, the new brand has a couple of staple options for every kind of guy. Whether you’re looking for a classic wingtip lace-up boot or a zip-up Chelsea variation, Altorosto boots are warm, stylish, and versatile. Igor also mentioned that he loves the idea that he can shovel the snow and then head directly to the office, all while wearing the same pair of boots.

As our conversation wrapped up, I asked Igor what inspired the brands’ name. He told me this:

 “My wife, Yelena, and her family are from Kazakhstan, born and raised in the former capital city of Almaty. I came from the southern Russian city of Rostov, on the Don River. We now call Toronto home, as this is where we met and where our families have united. We wanted to create a brand name that captured our story and that’s how Al(maty)To(ronto)Rosto(v) was created.”

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