How to Button Your Suit

How to Button Your Suit

Sometimes bending the menswear rules can make for an interesting outfit. Take the “sprezzatura” look for example. Italian tastemakers typically have the skinny end of the tie waving and it creates an easy laidback look. Traditionally this would be frowned upon, but yet we see men everywhere taking notice.

With that being said, there are some style rules that should never be broken; properly buttoning your suit or sports coat is one of them. Yet we see countless celebrities, news anchors, and business men buttoning their jackets incorrectly on a daily basis. It’s time to sort this out once and for all.

For this reason I put together a guide on how to button two of the most commonly worn suit styles on the market today.

The 2 Button Suit

How to button your suit - sports coat - 2 button suit

The rule of a two button suit is simple, always button the top button, never the bottom one. The reason being is this will extenuate your figure and make your shoulders look broader. Also, fastening the second button will restrict your movement and create pulls in the jacket. When sitting, unbutton the top button as this will allow the jacket to relax and alleviate tension on the button threads.

The Double Breasted Suit (6X2)

How to button your suit - DB2

The double breasted suit is one of the best silhouettes a man can wear, but if not buttoned correctly it can look boxy and outdated. 6X2 stands for the amount of visual buttons on the jacket verses the amount of visual functional button holes. The reason I say “visual” is because there is an extra button hole and button on the inside of the jacket called the “anchor” as they are key to fastening a double breasted jacket correctly. The anchor button is there to provide the jacket with a tapered fit around the mid section as well as a superior drape. For this reason, the anchor button should always be fastened.

How to button your suit - sports coat - Double breasted suit

Once you have buttoned the anchor, take the opposite flap and lay it across you chest. At this point, button the first functional visual button hole and leave the bottom button unfastened. When sitting fully unbutton the jacket.

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