Why You Should Rock a Statement Sock

Why You Should Rock a Statement Sock

There are two extreme cases of men in this world: the head-to-toe style demon, and the sock and sandal disappointment.

The men who recognize that all the action happens below the hem have been neglected for long enough. It’s time to give credit where credit is due and let the seemingly mediocre sock sensationalists shine.

Let’s be real, statement socks are major players in the fashion world. They have championed some of its greatest paradigm shifts since the emergence of bow ties and fedoras. Dress pants have higher hems and jeans have been cuffed, all for the sake of showing off that statement sock.

If you’re just getting into the fashion scene, experimenting with sock patterns is a great way to dip your toe in, pun intended. Try a colour you normally don’t run to or spruce up a neutral colour scheme with a patterned pair. But don’t jump the gun and grab those banana print ones just yet.


Along with patterns and colours coming to life, statement socks unleash a part of your personality to showcase to the world. Paisley? You’re a classic gentleman. Neon pink? Dare devil. Santa Clause print in May? Damn, you’re a powerhouse. When selecting a dynamic duo, you’ll want to consider where you’re going and what statement you’ll ultimately be making. Can you see how hamburger printed socks may cause uproar at a business meeting? Even your smallest garments can make or break you, so mind the details and save those bad boys for the weekend.

Stay within your comfort zone, but always aim to intrigue with a sock that says just enough about you and your personal style. You know, give a gander into the man behind the suit.

When it comes to socks there are no rules. Well maybe one: keep the white tube socks for the gym and the sandals for the beach.

Words by Daniela Di Vito 

Photography by Marc Esteves