What We’re Getting Dad This Father's Day

What We’re Getting Dad This Father's Day

Me: I’m hungry. Dad: Hi, Hungry, I’m dad.

. . . . .

While we might not be able to repay our dads for their trauma-inflicting humour, Father’s Day is a chance to appreciate them nonetheless. There’ll come a time though, usually after your 25th Father’s Day, when a FitBit or Apple Watch just doesn’t fully convey your appreciation for their wisdom, financial support, or male pattern baldness. And so my friends, it’s time to move on to creating memorable experiences for them as a gift. If you’re short on ideas, we’ve asked our contributing writers what they’ve got planned for this Father’s Day to get you started. Here’s to creating the ‘our’ in dad humour.

Daniela Di Vito

My dad is the ultimate car enthusiast. He knows everything from the details of the Ferrari-Lamborghini rivalry, to the current happenings of the Formula1 race. I have him to thank for knowing what the Circuit de Monaco is.

As a thank you for passing on his expertise, I’m trading in my usual Father’s Day gift (dress shirts) for an unforgettable venture. I’m gifting him with a private racetrack experience – how fitting! He’ll race his favorite sports cars freely, and even take on a chicane – definitely not his usual routine.

Dress shirts are nice, but sports cars are better. Happy Father’s Day, Dad!


Eshan Shah


In true dad fashion, for this father’s day, the padre has requested that I gift him with a concrete career plan for the next five years. As that’s quite the tall order, I’ve instead opted to additionally gift him a book of poetry by his all time favourite author, Shel Silverstein. I can vividly recall him reading Where the Sidewalk Ends to me with gusto every night as a child, and am keen on returning the experience to him. With each passing father’s day, I find our exchanges are less a repayment of the time he invested in me, and more an opportunity to reinforce our friendship.

Jonathan Cavaliere

We’ve all stolen a piece of clothing from pops at least once in our lives. Whether it was a blazer that was two sizes too big, or a dad hat (which is ironically now twice as expensive and all the rage), rocking our father’s gear made us feel like men. Fast forward to 2018 and now-a-days most of the swag stealing actually comes from my old man as he nabs my shoes. For this year I decided I would get my dad a pair of kicks that are so fly he wouldn’t even want to snatch mine any longer.

This Father’s Day my dad will be opening the L.12.12 Lacoste sneakers. This sneaker is not only timeless but it’s also water repellent for those wet days. Try stealing my boots now.