What We're Adding To Our Spring Wardrobe

What We're Adding To Our Spring Wardrobe

With the arrival of earlier mornings and chirping birds comes the prospect of spring cleaning, which of course, extends beyond the house and into your wardrobe.

While we can’t help choose between keeping your Bludstones or Sorels (both overdue guests), we can infect you with the spring giddiness that inspires fresh purchases. And so, with reckless abandon (ok, we totally missed the spring cleaning point), our editors have curated a list of spring wardrobe must-haves for 2018. All in the hopes that it leads to a cleanse of the overflow items in our closets, right?

Eshan Shah 

Business Development Manager


My ideal spring wardrobe skips over April’s puddles and straight into patio season. Essential to enjoying any patio is having the right pair of people-watching shades, and my eyes are set on the Foley Sunglasses from Ollie Quinn. You’ve got a classic frame in a striking mahogany tortoiseshell, elevated for 2018 with a rounded bottom. If you’re looking to take things a step further, consider the Gucci Reversible Acetate Bomberto drape on your shoulders. Though an aspirational piece, the inspiration here is outerwear that speaks volumes, something that screams “SUN’S OUT SO AM I.” Finally, to keep things grounded, complete your patio lounger with a basic white cotton crew-tee from Everlane. You can’t go wrong such a clean classic, and Everlane promises ethically produced pieces that play their role in combatting climate change and keeping spring in (a) season. 

Steven Lee

Photographer & Graphic Designer


As soon as I saw the SS2018 collection for Louis Vuitton, I knew that I had to get this bag, it’s perfect for carrying essentials while travelling. Alas! This bag has been out of stock ever since it became available, and no matter where I attempt to get it (Paris, New York, Toronto), it’s been as elusive as spring itself. May the fashion gods be with me on the waitlist! Now, if you read my St. Patrick's Day piece, you know I’m a huge Craig Green fan. His black-cord biker jacket is a fresh take on a menswear staple that is bound to make you stand out of the crowd (with the cording and raw-edge cuffs). The fact that it is cotton instead of the usual leather makes it perfect for an extra little layer on summer nights. Speaking of more blessed times, does anything scream summer more than a satin shirt with floral prints? I don't think so! If you haven't taken a look Dries Van Noten’s stellar SS2018 collection yet, do yourself a favour and go check it out. 

Sean Pollock 

Art Director


As an outdoors-y guy, I’m keen on the spring weather to signal new paths to explore. Hiking in shorts can be rough on the legs (depending on how intense your trail is), but I’ve found that MEC’s pants provide good coverage and add some style to your trek. With the temperamental weather that comes during spring, it’s good to be prepared with a yellow raincoat out there too. I'd normally opt for green, blue or even burgundy as a more traditionally wearable colour, but this Stutterheim jacket adds the right pop of colour to my wardrobe. Insta pro-tip, it’ll also be a great piece to photograph while travelling. On the other hand, I'm looking to tone down my otherwise bright shoe closet with a darker sneaker (to better disguise the sludge from spring showers). The sleek design of the Adidas i5923 will add subtle hints of style to my daily look and covers all the bases for footwear if my carry-on only has room for one. 

Vincent Ko

Artist & Photographer 


My three spring items must-haves are fanny packs, chain necklaces, and vintage-inspired sunglasses. These are pieces that can carry you from spring through to summer, and though it’s a somber thought, even into fall and winter wear. Though a questionable accessory last year, the fanny pack has proven its worth as a style icon that is also functional for men to store their small daily essentials in. A chain necklace, on the other hand, is an age-old statement piece that can be worn to elevate your daily look, be it a tee and jeans or a tracksuit. I’ll be alternating between a gold and silver chain, as they both give off different vibes for different days. Last but not least on my list are vintage inspired sunglasses. These are true style survivors and therefore a great investment piece that’ll keep you looking fresh all year round, for years and years to come.