What to Wear to a Beach Wedding

What to Wear to a Beach Wedding

Chances are you have a couple of weddings coming up in the near future and I bet you that at least one of them is a destination wedding.

Since destination weddings typically aren’t in the country, are likely at a tropical resort, and even more likely to be held on a beach, I bet you're asking yourself, "what the hell do I wear?"

For the longest time beach weddings, as they are often referred to, have been sartorial disasters. Just Google search: “What to wear to a beach wedding” and you will see many images of ill-fitting and linen-riddled bridal parties on full display. For this reason, I thought I would give you guys a couple of tips and things to think about when putting together your lightweight ensemble.

First and foremost, if you are attending any outdoor summer weddings you want to make sure you are choosing breathable garments. You should always take a look at the forecast for the location of the wedding, but temperatures will most likely be 25+ degrees. This kind of weather would definitely make wearing your classic wool suits unbearable. Lightweight garments are definitely a necessity.


Another tip to take note of is that beach weddings are typically a bit more casual than their formal counterparts. Wearing a lightweight blazer and a pair of pants that aren’t a matching suit is completely acceptable. Also, if you’re just an attendee and not in the bridal party, feel free to go tieless.

When putting together your outfit, remember that wearing a combination of cotton and linen items is a good rule of thumb. For this look, I decided that the core items would be these beige linen trousers, a classic white cotton button down shirt, and my linen double breasted blue plaid blazer.

When it comes to accessories, remember that the key here is to complement the casual elements in your attire. I decided to wear a beige braided belt, club master sunglasses, and a striped peach linen pocket square.

Choosing the right footwear can be tricky too. Flip flops are always unacceptable at a wedding, but your brown wingtips are too dressy for the beach. I personally recommend going for a loafer like these blue suede variations from Geox. When you arrive at the beach, slip them off and carry them to the ceremony. When it’s time for the reception, dust off your feet and throw them back on. It’s as simple as that.


Last but not least, consider a panama hat. This beige version from my friends at Brimz is one of my summer essentials. When you’re on the beach and sitting through a ceremony can last up to an hour, a hat is needed so you don’t bake in the sun. A panama hat will not only keep your face shaded, but will add some extra swagger to your look.


I hope these tips help you stay cool this wedding season and if you have any other style questions, hit me up at info@mrcavaliere.com.

Words by Jonathan Cavaliere