The Science Behind the Shaving Brush

The Science Behind the Shaving Brush

The shaving brush: unique, utilitarian, and a timeless addition into the gentleman’s grooming routine.

However classic, make no mistake – the shaving brush is more than just a frivolous novelty, or an antiquated relic from your grandfather’s heyday. Once you incorporate a superior, durable brush into your shaving ritual, you will instantly notice an improvement in the enjoyment and quality of your shave. Here’s why the use of a shaving brush is a time-honored tradition for discerning men:

You can create incredible shaving lather

Let’s be real – squeezing cold goop out of a drugstore bottle can be unpleasant and is probably not the best way to treat your face. We all know that warm water opens up our pores and shaving is no different. Using a brush and a warmed bowl to work up lather from your favorite shaving cream infuses both heat and air into the lather, creating that rich and luxurious barbershop feel.

Your facial hair will be primed for a close shave

After you’ve worked up a lather, use a shaving brush to apply the whipped shaving cream to your face. This primes your face by gently lifting your facial hair – allowing for the closest shave possible. This is where the type of brush hair makes a critical difference. Largely, brush hair is divided into two distinct categories:  natural animal hairs (badger, horse, boar) and in recent years, synthetic hairs. While each camp has its fan base and virtues, the indisputable industry leader is the silvertip badger hair.The “silvertip” portion of a badger’s hair accounts for only 10-20% of its body, and is primarily concentrated in the chest area.  (It makes sense that the hair offering the most thermal insulation would be used to protect the badger’s vital organs!) The incredible moisture and heat retaining properties of silvertip bristles make it the pièce de résistance for any shaving enthusiast. Silvertip brushes are easily identifiable; just look for the distinctive dark band across the middle of the brush.


Finally, the use of a shaving brush offers the extra perk of exfoliation. Not only does it raise the hairs, but the brush will also lift away dirt, dead skin cells and oils. After an enjoyable warm lather and a close painless shave, the bonus exfoliation you are left with will result in a wonderfully smooth face.Elevating your grooming routine with a high-quality silvertip badger hair brush is a worthy investment and easily one of the best additions to your shaving repertoire. As with any investment however, it’s important to properly care for your brush. Some important tips to remember:

  1. After use, rinse the brush thoroughly with warm water to remove all the residual soap and lather.

  2. Flick the brush downward to remove the excess water. If desired, lightly dry your brush using a towel.

  3. Most importantly, store your brush upside down. Never leave your brush right side up; moisture and water will collect where the brush hairs meet the handle – ruining the glue. Always use a sturdy stand to store your brush with the bristles facing down.


 The incorporation of a shaving brush into your routine is the first step in the cherished tradition of wet shaving. With these tools, you can not only make your shave more enjoyable, but you will also reap the benefits of a cleaner shave and healthier skin. BeShaven’s line of handcrafted silvertip badger hair brushes all come with an exclusive heavyweight stainless steel stand manufactured in the USA. Their classic designs effortlessly match any interior décor. BeShaven also offers complete shaving sets with everything you need to craft your perfect shaving routine. It’s time to start enjoying your new shaving routine.