The Best Holiday Gifts for Men

The Best Holiday Gifts for Men

Guys let’s face it. We are not easy to shop for. We have gotten socks and underwear for generations due to our lack of persuasion and our last second mentality. Well this stops today! Whether your shopping for your father, your boss, or even your best bud, we here at Mr. Cavaliere have put together an assortment of the best guy stuff that he will not only love but probably wouldn’t think to buy for himself.


The Best Holiday Gifts for Men - Galoshes

As snow has officially touched down here in Toronto, so have the hundreds of salt trucks covering the sidewalks on your morning commute. Whether you’re walking for 5 minutes or 45 minutes we all have seen the white haze the salt leaves on our shoes. What’s the solution? Galoshes! Think of galoshes as a rain coat for your footwear and think Swims when looking for the best colors and styles.

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A Slim-Straight Jean

The Best Holiday Gifts for Men - Jeans

This is a great gift for those guys who have not yet made the move to a tapered pant. The 218 jean from Denizen is a medium wash and is a hybrid between a traditional slim and straight leg pant. This allows the wearer to be comfortable while still looking sleek and put together. I promise once they give them a shot they’ll never go back to their old baggy jeans again!

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A Down Filled Vest

The Best Holiday Gifts for Men - Down filled vest

Layering is the name of the game when it comes to bracing the cold. On those frigid winter days sometimes putting a sweater underneath your topcoat still isn’t enough. Whether you’re on your way to the office or hiking through the woods, a down filled vest from Fjallraven is the perfect item to add to any outfit for that extra layer of insulation.

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Pocket Squares

The Best Holiday Gifts for Men - Pocket squares

In menswear it’s important that to take every opportunity to add a little bit of personality to our outfits. As miniscule as it may seem, a pocket square can make the all the difference between a good look and a great one. With that being said the people at have created a large assortment of pocket squares for any occasion (might I add at a very affordable price).

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Crystal Head Vodka

The holidays are a time for celebrating with family and friends and what better way to toast to that than with the smooth taste of Crystal head Vodka. Crystal head comes in a glass skull shaped bottle and I must admit is one of my personal favorites. What’s more is that once it’s finished you can use the bottle as a decor item like Dj M-Kutz did here.

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Six-Fold Handmade Silk Tie

The Best Holiday Gifts for Men - six fold silk tie aklasu

I must admit there is nothing better than investing in items that are handmade. Whether it’s a bespoke tailored suit or a freshly carved piece of furniture, the quality that expert craftsmanship can produce is unparalleled. That’s the reason I am a big fan of the guys at Aklasu. They are a men’s accessories company that pride themselves on the details. Their 6 fold Italian made silk neckties are a personal favorite of mine and make me feel sharp no matter the occasion.

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Double Chocolate Winter Beard beer from Muskoka brewery

The Best Holiday Gifts for Men - winter beard muskoka brewery

I know what you’re thinking, another craft beer brand, but this one’s different! I had the privilege of meeting the head brew master of Muskoka brewery this past weekend and I must admit I have a whole new appreciation for beer. We chatted on end about the process of making a great beer and how to keep up with the competition. As the time went by, he told me about a beer that they created fairly recently that he hopes will change the game. Luckily enough he allowed me to sample it and I must say it was very tasty. Another interesting element is it doesn’t come in a tall car or a traditional beer bottle as it’s packaged like a fine wine. I definitely recommend it for anyone who’s looking to gift beer this holiday season.

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The Best Holiday Gifts for Men - Art

As I get older I have been appreciating art more and more. My variation of art can be anything from an interesting piece of architecture to an intricate sculpture, but most recently I have taken an interest in acrylic paintings. Whether done by a professional or by an amateur artist I think having something that is unique and one of a kind can be a great gift for any home.

Styling services

The Best Holiday Gifts for Men - Men's personal stylist/wardrobe consultant

With 2015 on the horizon, it’s only a matter of time until we take out a pen and paper and write down our goals and resolutions for the New Year. With that being said what better way to start a new chapter than by giving your closet and personal style an upgrade. We here at offer a personal styling and wardrobe consulting service for men in the Toronto area as well as the GTA. We are currently taking on new clients and would love to offer our readers an exclusive invite to gift our services to a friend or loved one who is interested in putting their best face forward in New Year.

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Wooden Hangers / Shoe Trees

The Best Holiday Gifts for Men - Wooden hangers/ Shoe trees

Great personal style is not just about how you put an outfit together but it’s also about how you keep your clothes when you aren’t wearing them. Having the proper tools will not only make your clothes fit properly but it will also increase their longevity. Giving proper oak wood hangers and cedar wood shoe trees will allow any guy to keep their most precious pieces around for a long time.

Cologne sampler

The Best Holiday Gifts for Men - Fragrance

I think all guys have been gifted a cologne that they would never wear at one point in their lifetime. This year give the gift of choice with the Fragrance Sampler from Shoppers Drug Mart. It comes with 10 samples of the best fragrance brands around including Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, and my personal favorite Paco Rabanne.

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Last but not least, remember when shopping this holiday season that the best shoppers are the ones who spend wisely and our friends at want to help you do just that. has a variety of options that allow people to control their spending and are saving one person at a time from what they like to call credit card aftershock. On top of this, Mogo’s Prepaid Visa ® Card is completely free, comes in a variety of awesome designs, notifies you of your card balance via free text alerts and grants you access to exclusive member only perks!

The Best Holiday Gifts for Men - mogo card

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Good luck and Happy Holidays,

Mr. Cavaliere