Style Upgrade: Matthew Annecchiarico

Style Upgrade: Matthew Annecchiarico

Life is always changing. Whether we like it or not every second something is different than the last. Whether good or bad, changes are what allow us to grow as individuals and ultimately shape us into who we are. For some of us those changes happen more rapidly than others, and for Matthew Annecchiarico these changes came faster than anyone would have imagined.

Rewind back to 2009 and Matt, fresh out of high school, had a huge decision to make. Take a scholarship to play university soccer in Pittsburgh or go to a local university and stay in the comfort of his own home. After weighing the alternatives, Matt made the bold choice and decided to leave everything behind to move to the U.S. and start the next chapter of his life.

After his first year abroad, he met a girl named Ashley Bell and life as he knew it was about to change. Ashley slowly became Matt’s confidant and over time their relationship grew into something more. Moving out of residence for his second year of school, Matt and Ashley, now dating, decided to move in together with two of their close friends. The following year, they got a dog together and things were really starting to get serious. Fast-forward to 2015 and Matt is now a father and husband-to-be. Ashley and him are living here in Toronto and have started a family together. It’s almost crazy to think that 6 years ago he was a confused teenager unsure of his next steps.

As life changes, so do the requirements of your attire. When Matthew was in school, his attire consisted of t-shirts, jeans, and the occasional soccer uniform. Being a new father and a full-time accountant, the clothes he once wore on a regular basis now had to be saved for evenings and weekends. So the question is how can Matt transition his look from post-secondary student to corporate shark? Well that’s where we come in.

Matt A 3

Matt A 1

First things first, we wanted to get Matthew a suit that was not only versatile, but made a statement. For that reason, we picked out this charcoal grey plaid suit. After a couple small alterations, we moved on to the shirt.  We wanted to go for something that said I’m stylish, but I mean business and what better way to anchor that than with a pale blue banker shirt. We furnished the shirt with a pin dotted navy tie, a 1 inch tie bar, a grey polka dotted pocket square, and black watch. Not having many dress shoes previous to getting his new job, he needed a classic dress shoe that was comfortable as well as sleek. For that reason we decided that a black wingtip would be ideal for anything from a formal dinner to meeting with clients.

Matt A 41

We also wanted to upgrade his backpack to something more clean and sophisticated. We decided that this leather overnight bag was a perfect piece for those long business trips, as well as a stylish way to carry his daughter’s essentials.

Matt A 2

To complete his look, we wanted to revise his grooming regiment. We thought that a small amount of facial hair was the best way to go, as it added an element of maturity to his look. We also went slightly shorter with his hair, as it was easier to manage as well as gave a very professional appeal.

Matt A 5

Lastly, I want to thank for making this happen and always remember that as your life changes and matures, so should your look.

Yours truly,

Mr. Cavaliere