Style Profile: Matt Vendittelli

Style Profile: Matt Vendittelli

Having great personal style is one thing but having a functional wardrobe is another. Fashion and practicality are very rarely mentioned in the same sentence but in my opinion they are the two key components to having a great look. Matt Vendittelli is one of those guys who dresses for the day ahead of him but always finds a way to look flawless.

Matt has a distinct eye for detail and quality and it shows with every outfit he puts together. The great thing about Matt is that he won’t buy a piece of clothing if there isn’t something interesting or unique about it. With that being said let me introduce to you Matt Vendittelli, the modern day country man.

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Describe your style

My style is utilitarian – finding a common ground between fashion and function.  Incorporating transitional pieces into my wardrobe provides versatility and a new way to refine classic looks without sacrificing their essence.  Attention to detail is what separates my style from the lot and provides me with a sense of personal satisfaction

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What got you into fashion in the first place?

Skateboarding, 100%.  Skateboarding was my entry into a subculture that allowed me to express my creativity and refine my style. It also provided me with a chance to connect to those who had similar styles and interests, mainly fashion and music, all of which contributed to my overall sense of style

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What is your favorite item in your wardrobe?

My Yuketen guide boots.  Accessories like my handcrafted leather belt and Filson duffle bag also deserve notable mention

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You feel best when wearing…?

No underwear… just kidding.  Honestly, a pair of jeans.  There is nothing better than wearing what has become your second skin.  Denim withstands the test of time while growing progressively more beautiful in age

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Get the look:

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How do you approach getting dressed every day?

I do not have a large wardrobe to begin with so dressing myself is pretty straightforward.  Essentially, I open up my closet and spontaneously decide what I want to be wearing that day.  It is completely instinctual but weather dependent of course

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Sartorial pet peeve

In no particular order: walking advertisements (last thing I care about is how big that logo is on your chest), a suit that does not fit properly (get it tailored), and this sudden craze of wearing flip-flops or sandals with socks (not a good look)

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Favorite brand or retailer?

Wings + Horns is my all-time favourite but Creep by Hiroshi Awai is my new found glory.  Both brands knock it right out of the park every single time and are Canadian!

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Get the look:

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Thanks again to Matt Vendittelli for participating!

Yours truly,

Mr. Cavaliere