Style Profile: Joseph Lancione

Style Profile: Joseph Lancione

The great thing about men’s style is that you don’t have to be wearing the latest trends or most exclusive designer goods to be the best dressed guy in the room. Getting the fit and color coordination correct in my opinion is more important than who’s name is on the tag. Joseph Lancione understands the importance of this and for that reason has perfected his look from casual to formal.

Being a 24 year old secondary school teacher, Joe’s style is all about adapting to his surroundings. Another aspect I love about Joe’s look is that you’ll never know what he’s going to wear next as he doesn’t shy away from a piece that will make a bold statement. With that being said, meet style shape shifter, Joseph Lancione.

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Describe your style

If I were to describe my style, I would have to say that it is preppy and edgy at the same time. My style is always changing. One day I like to throw on a pair of loafers and shorts with a button up shirt tucked into them, and then the next I like to wear wax denim pants tucked into high tops with a plaid shirt buttoned up to the collar. It all depends on how I am feeling that day when I wake up. However, being in the teaching profession really influences the way I dress. There's a saying a principal once told me at a school where I was working,  and he said: "if you go home after a day's work and haven't changed, then you know that you are not dressed in the proper apparel." Being stylish is something I strive for on a daily basis when I frequent different schools. I like to throw on blazers, chinos, dress shoes, skinny ties, knitwear you name it. However, on my days off, I like to dress a little edgier to add balance to my wardrobe. I believe it is all about balance, and finding a style that suits your personality and lifestyle.

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What got you into fashion in the first place?

I was always interested in fashion, but I believe what really kick-started it was my good friend and founder of Mr. Cavaliere; Jonathan. He brought my style to the next level. He taught me what worked and what didn't work with certain outfits that I would put together. Eventually, I went into retail and worked as a sales associate at Zara and this is where my style became my own. I took the tips that Jonathan gave me and applied them to my own outfit choices. Furthermore, I feel that fashion is something that you carry with you throughout your lifetime. Although people come and go, fashion is one thing that remains with you wherever you go so you might as well dress the part! When I show up to places, I like to make a statement and let people know that I am conscientious about my style. Being fashionable is something that makes me feel confident and good about myself and I feel that this is important to maintain.

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Favorite item in your wardrobe

Ahhh this is a tough one! I have so many things in my wardrobe that I love. If I had to choose one, however, I would have to say that it is my wax denim pants with the ripples on both knees. Every time I wear them, I feel that I immediately adopt that edgy look that I am going for. I usually roll them up and pair them with my Alexander McQueen high tops or combat boots to top off the look.

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You feel your best when wearing..

I feel best when I dress up for work and wear a blazer, skinny tie, chinos and dress shoes. I don't know what it is, but it makes me feel important. I remember walking down the hall one day in a school after I taught a successful lesson, and my outfit completed my mood. I love dressing up and putting a complete look together.

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How do you approach getting dressed every day?

Planning. It is one way that I approach getting dressed every day. Usually, the night before I will have an idea of what I am going to wear for work the next day. I usually lay out a couple of different looks on my bed for options until I choose the one that I feel like wearing the next day.

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Your sartorial pet peeve and why.

I believe one of my biggest sartorial pet peeves are boot cut jeans. WHY WERE THEY INVENTED? Every time I see someone wearing boot cut jeans, their ill fitting and are usually ripped on the bottom. Slim or straight is the way to go!

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Favorite brand or retailer?

Since I have already talked about Zara as one of my favourite retailers, I am going to talk about one of my other favourites, H&M. Although H&M has a mixed reputation about the quality of their clothing, I feel that it is one of those places that you could find those key rare fashion items that you would rarely find anywhere else. I do not shop excessively at H&M but whenever I browse, I usually find items that blow me away at a great price!

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Who or where do you get your style inspiration?

Personally a lot of my style inspiration has come from working in retail and seeing items that come to our stores that have been reworked from the runway. There are always certain things that are added to key pieces that catch my eye. For example, a grey blazer that I bought from Zara had black piping running down the lapels. I feel that it gave the blazer a very fashion forward look. Also, it is something that not every retailer will carry. These certain pieces give me inspiration because they allow me to take my style to the next level and look different than everyone else.

For more on Joe Lancione check out his Instagram at @JLancione.

Yours truly,

 Mr. Cavaliere

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