Style Profile: Gordon Shadrach

Style Profile: Gordon Shadrach

One thing I have always admired is when people find a way to combine their talents to create something truly unique. Gordon Shadrach is one of those creative gentlemen that has found a way to do just that.

At the age of 48, Gordon has seen many different styles come in and out of fashion. Being a former visual display coordinator for clients like Harry Rosen and Polo Ralph Lauren, Gordon has always had a keen eye for the smallest of details. This innate skill combined with his love for acrylic painting created an outlet that Gordon thought could only amount to a mere hobby. 2 years later Gordon has developed a name for himself and has exhibited his menswear inspired work to thousands of collectors. With that being I would like you all to meet Gordon Shadrach, the menswear artisan.

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Describe your style

I would describe my style as “classic contemporary dandy”.

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What got you into fashion in the first place? 

My mother was a strong influence  on me and encouraged me to develop a sense of style. I loved watching her get ready to go out to parties and see her transform herself. By the time I was 8 or 9, she would ask me to pick out my older brother’s clothes when we had to dress up and go out, so I guess I had a sense of style as a young boy. My parents instilled in me that I had to appear confident and well put together as a way to make good first impressions. They taught me to stand tall. I was always tall for my age and they would reassure that it was okay to stand out. As I got older, I considered myself to be a non-conformist and enjoyed exploring fashion.  As a teenager I taught myself to sew and my parents encouraged me to study fashion design, but I knew it would be a very competitive field so I didn’t pursue it. Eventually I got work in Visual Display through a friend and had a great run for 10 years in display, marketing and industrial design in fashion retail before becoming a teacher and artist. So, fashion has played an important part in my life since I was a kid.

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What is you favorite item in your wardrobe?

This is tough. Probably a good pair of jeans. Being 6’ 4” with really long legs, buying jeans is a pain. Anytime I can find ones that fit me well and are long enough, I feel that I have to buy them. Right now I love my Levis Made and Crafted jeans. They fit well and I know that they are going to age well.

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You feel your best when wearing...

I love wearing a sharp pair of shoes. They complete the outfit. Since I was a kid, I noticed that when people check out someone new, they ultimately judge them by their shoe choice. Maybe that’s why I love to paint them so much - they are the unsung heroes of men’s fashion.

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