Style Profile: Christian Jonathan Pignotti

Style Profile: Christian Jonathan Pignotti

Great personal style is a lot like art; it can be shocking at first, but is quickly followed by an undeniable appreciation. Christian Jonathan Pignotti knows exactly how to get that reaction out of people as he has one of the most unique looks out there. Being a 21 year old student living in Woodbridge, Ontario, Christian has found a way to develop his own personal style that is tough to duplicate.

Christian is the type of guy who pushes men’s fashion forward. He is a menswear innovator that adopts the trends, re-works them, and then makes it his own. He has the type of style that the fashion elite love, but the traditional gentlemen hate. With that being said meet menswear rebel, Christian Jonathan Pignotti:

Style Profile: Christian Jonathan Pignotti

Describe your style.

I do not believe that there is a definitive word in fashion to describe the way I dress. However, I would describe it as rugged with a twist of downtown hipster. I like walking down the street and hearing that I look “badass”. It tells me I’m doing something right.

Style Profile: Christian Jonathan Pignotti Dr. Martens

What got you into fashion in the first place?

Fashion has always been a real passion of mine. I’ve always followed the different trends over the years, and it’s amazing how my style has evolved over time. In my opinion fashion is a big circle, and styles either become re-invented or re-used over the years. What I’ve always found interesting is how people use fashion to represent who they are. The fashion spectrum is quite large, and while some people dress “wacky” to represent their creativity, others may dress more simplistic to give themselves a sense of organization or structure.

Style Profile: Christian Jonathan Pignotti buffalo plaid

Whats your favorite item in your wardrobe?

The favourite item in my wardrobe is definitely my rogue skinny leather pants. I purchased them in Florida a while back but they have never lost their importance to me. They are lined in suede, and although they are heavy on the leg, I wear them all four seasons. They are also very versatile as you can wear a crisp white dress shirt, or a white crew neck t-shirt and still look great.

Style Profile: Christian Jonathan Pignotti Leather pants

You feel your best when wearing...

I feel my best when I am wearing something that I am comfortable in. When I say comfortable, I am not referring to sweat-suit comfort, I am talking about appearance comfort. I always feel the best when I am wearing my own style, and I believe that you will always look your best if you are confident with your attire.

Style Profile: Christian Jonathan Pignotti Trench coat

How do you approach getting dressed every day?

Before I get dressed every morning I always have an espresso to get my brain properly functioning. After my wake up call, I do two things; check the weather and think about what my day will consist of. Although abstract fashion is a passion of mine, I like being practical at the same time. It usually just depends on what piece I really want to wear that day, and then I build my look from it. Shoes and accessories always go last for me only because they are the last things you put on before you leave the house.

Style Profile: Christian Jonathan Pignotti wingtips contrast fabric

Your sartorial pet peeve

Although I was guilty of this at a young age, my sartorial pet peeve has to be the sagging your pants and tucking them into your socks look. It is a fit and finish issue for me. I mean I understand that if you’re a young boy and your mom wants you to grow into the clothing, but when you’re 25 and your butt is basically touching the ground that’s just LAZY! I mean some guys look like they can fit two or three people in a single pant. Thank god for sites like Mr. Cavaliere putting a stop to this!

Favorite brand or retailer

My favourite retailer is definitely Zara for multiple reasons. The first reason would be that I fit their clothing right off the rack and secondly Zara only carries a limited set of sizes for each piece so not everyone is wearing the same stuff as you. Although they are a large retail chain, they also have a reputation for having the most unique and stylish pieces around. Remember when shopping for new clothing always say to yourself, “I will never love a piece more then when I see it for the first time.”

Style Profile: Christian Jonathan Pignotti

Who or where do you get your style inspiration from?

Living in downtown Toronto for three years opened my eyes a lot in terms of inspiration. Torontonians are wicked when it comes to being unique, and anything goes! My best advice when it comes to inspiration is to wear what you want. It’s not what you wear, but it is how you wear it!

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